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It’s good to be back!

I haven’t written in this blog for quite a long time – 9 months to be exact. I wanted to take a break from sharing my life online, and I also wanted to reevaluate what I share and what I keep private. Personally, I am feeling much more settled in my life. I have a well-paid job, I am happy in my personal life and I want to keep that side of my life private now. Continue reading

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Switching anti-depressants: An Update

Today is meant to be the last day that I take Citalopram, and tomorrow is meant to be the first day that I start Venlafaxine. However, I’ve decided to delay starting on the new anti-depressant for another day as tomorrow is the last day of my holidays (I’m skiing with my family) and I don’t want to feel sick tomorrow. I know that there will be side effects – there was with Citalopram – and I’d rather save the nausea for a non-holiday day!

I’ve been tapering down my Citalopram dose, doing 1 week of 20mg and 1 week of 10mg. I struggled with the 20mg but the 10mg has posed the biggest challenge to me. I’ve had several days where I’ve been close to tears for absolutely no reason whatsoever. One evening I had to go to bed early because I was too close to tears and couldn’t control it – again, for no reason. My worst day was when I woke up feeling extremely low and ended the day feeling very suicidal. The following morning I struggled to get any energy to do anything at all but my mum encouraged me to get out of the house and hit the slopes (skiing holiday, remember?) and I felt loads better afterwards. Continue reading

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