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The Daily Stress of Being Misgendered

There’s one aspect of life that is unique to gender non-conforming people, that gender conforming people don’t have to worry about, and that’s misgendering. Many people mistakenly believe that misgendering is something that only happens to trans people, but it can happen just as often to gender non-conforming cis (not trans) people. Continue reading

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They Pronouns

I use They/Them/Their pronouns, so in this My Genderation video I talk about the use of they as a singular pronoun and how it has always been part of the English language!

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Pronouns and Passing as Non-Binary

For My Genderation this week I chat about non-binary pronouns (they/them), passing as androgynous and social dysphoria as a non-binary person. Enjoy! 🙂

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