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Feeling Calmer

I’m feeling much calmer today than I was 1 week ago. I don’t feel as angry. And my head feels much clearer. I think this is in part to do with the fact that I have been meditating most days (I managed 5 out of 7 days). I’ve been trying to get myself out of my head – through exercise and socialising. I’ve also been trying to focus on the future a bit more than usual, as well as trying to remain more in the present when I’m doing things. I know this sounds contradictory, but bear with me. Continue reading

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Is my mind present?

My mental health is in a funny place these days. My mind feels like it’s in chaos. I struggle to feel happiness, but I’m not so depressed that I can’t function. My anxiety is quite hard to cope with at the moment, and I feel both listless and unable to sit still. I want everyone to go away, but when they do I feel lonely. It feels like I’ve reached an impasse, because I’ve been here before. I was here 2 years ago, before I moved to Belfast. The difference this time is that I’m not escaping into a cocaine-induced high, or an alcohol-induced stupor. I’m not necessarily dealing with things either. But I’m not running away and that’s a start. Continue reading

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Meditation Reminder

I came across this picture on a website I was browsing and thought I’d put it here as a little reminder 🙂

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Meditation Technique

Apologies for my lack of posts, I had a bit of a low period there for a few weeks and struggled to do anything productive at all. I’m feeling a bit better now, so here’s the promised post on Meditation! … Continue reading

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Nature Helps – Feeling Alive

Mindfulness is a funny word. It brings to mind 21st century hippies and wacky alternative lifestyles. But mindfulness is actually the simple act of being present in the moment. Imagine that you’re sitting standing in your front doorway. It’s a … Continue reading

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