Go Fund Me Campaign!

So I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but I wanted to ask my readers a favour. As you will know, I’m currently transitioning medically on the NHS. However, the waiting list for the endocrinologist to prescribe me low-dose testosterone is SO long that I’ve decided to go privately for my first appointment.

In order to see the endocrinologist privately, I have to pay £160 for the appointment and the prescription. I will be able to fill the prescription on the NHS so I just need to raise the £160 to see the endocrinologist and to pay for the script.  £150 is the fee and £10 is for the script.

Unfortunately I’m unemployed at the moment so this is outside of my budget, hence the go fund me campaign! Here’s the link to my Go Fund Me Campaign!

Any money that I raise over £160 will be donated to GenderJam NI, a fantastic trans youth group in Northern Ireland.

Although my appointment is this Thursday 24th March, I have until the end of this month (31st March) to raise this money.

Being able to go privately to get quicker access to hormones will mean the absolute world to me. I have been attending the gender identity clinic in Belfast since August 2014 and I just want to get on with my life now! If you can’t afford to donate any money, please share this campaign on your facebook or twitter account.

Thank you all so much! Much love! ❤



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