What to do before “It Gets Better”

My latest video for My Genderation is out in which I talk about how I manage the wait for life to get better. I’ve found that transitioning and managing my mental health has impacted quite heavily on my day-to-day life, which has lead to a lot of frustration and disappointment with myself. Have a watch to see what I’ve done to cope with this!


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4 Responses to What to do before “It Gets Better”

  1. wibblebubble says:

    Maybe a ridiculous thing to compare to, but there’s this scene in Top Gun in-which Tom Cruise has a one-to-one with his mentor over the death of his friend and co-pilot ‘Goose’ – basically his mentor says that all the doubt he is experiencing is normal… the mark of a professional fighter pilot, analysing every detail. I’m sure everybody knows that scene.

    Dealing with life’s challenges is hard. It is only natural that your mind is going to be working over time… you shouldn’t think of this as a bad thing, when you feel sad,… your mind is doing what it is naturally made for – figuring things out… and you’re not going to feel happy until things are resolved.

    But the mind isn’t like making a movie. It’s not like a blank page either. The mind is the best canvas ever created. Just express yourself on it. If you end up with a Jackson Pollock then so be it… everything has meaning.

    To me a turning point was when I just viewed everything as art – my thoughts, my conclusions, my happiness, my sadness. It’s all a story, mixing with other stories. It’s not a product or something to be marketed or something to be packaged, listed, valued and sold. I stopped trying to figure out the story, or if there was one, and just realised I was part of my own story. Everyone and everything has a story. Some stories are far from conventional. What’s needed is an open mind. It doesn’t have to be act one, act two, act three – stories can pause, interweave, and do all sorts. Drop expectations.

    You’re turning a new page everyday… if some pages are blank and void of words, don’t flick ahead… a book is more than just words.


    LOL – I almost convinced myself there! 😀


    • Naomhán says:

      Wow, you just blew my mind there! Yes to all of this!!! I have to think on all this more now, thank you!! 🙂

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      • wibblebubble says:

        Thanks 🙂 … I appreciate the response. I am however far from a ‘success’ story 😛 …I’ll now attempt to perform locomotion using just the muscles of my forehead in traction with the floor for several days to further my spiritual enlightenment… Peace.


  2. Jamie Ray says:

    Great video. I’m not religious, but I have faith. There is a gospel song by the Barrett Sisters called “No Ways Tired” that has a line in it “I don’t believe he brought me this far to leave me” – which (even though it is about Jesus) is about looking back at where you were and realizing how far you’ve come and that your faith is carrying you along. I may end up in perpetual transition, and that is OK, as long as I am being me.

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