The Incremental Cost of Transition: Name Change by Deed Poll

moneyI want to document the cost of transition financially, as I feel that this has a huge impact on those trans people who do not have much money or disposable income to spend on changing documents and all that comes with it.

It’s important to state that the cost to trans people is not only financial, it’s also emotional and mental. I have been puzzling over how to change my documents, asking myself what’s the best way to go about this. I have put off changing my documents for so long because I had hoped (in vain) that the Irish government would see sense and allow non-binary people to have their gender recognised officially. As this is not the case, I’m ploughing on with the name change, in the full knowledge that, once non-binary gender is recognised, I will have to go through much of this process again in order to have my gender marker changed too. At the moment, I haven’t made the decision to change my gender marker to male, which would reflect my gender identity more closely than having it as female, because I want the Irish government to understand that I am not willing to compromise for them. Check out this video to find out more about my decision to officially challenge the Irish Gender Recognition Bill.

So, the financial costs!

On 15th January 2015 I had my deed poll witnessed and signed by a solicitor, which my mum kindly paid for, which was, I believe €40 (approx. £31). Today, on Thursday 8th October 2015, I spent €60 (£45 approx.) to enroll my deed poll in the high courts.

As I currently live in Belfast, I have to add on a return bus journey of £20. I haven’t included lunch expenses, as I probably could have brought a packed lunch with me if I’d needed to.

So, to have deed poll witnessed and then enrolled in the Irish high courts, the total expense come to €100/£76. Plus travel at £20.

The reason that I’m enrolling my deed poll in the high courts is because in Ireland it is the only way to have my deed poll recognised by official government organisations such as the National Drivers Licence Service and the Irish Passport Office.

Next I have to change my passport. Watch this *exciting* space.

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One Response to The Incremental Cost of Transition: Name Change by Deed Poll

  1. Jillian says:

    That sounds like a very long arduous process. In British Columbia, you have to get your fingerprints done and sent to the RCMP ($80 Cdn). Get your name change application notarised ($20 Cdn), Applying for name change certificate ($137 Cdn). It took 1 day to get the prints and notarising done and it was about 3 weeks from the time I sent in the application to the date I got my name change certificate in the mail. Then you need to pay to get your new ID. Costly, but the process itself is quite simple. We aren’t even the most progressive province in Canada. I find it disgusting that you have been having so much difficulty in obtaining your ‘authorisations’ simply to be you. The Irish Government really needs to catch up. I wish you all the best.


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