Sorry for my absence!


I’ve been absent from this blog for quite a while now, and I’ve decided to get back on track again. My absence has been for practical reasons – I’ve been trying to get a job, I’ve recently met someone, and I’ve been vlogging for a YouTube channel called My Genderation – a transgender YouTube channel with various contributors. All the same, apologies for my absence!

The YouTube channel has been taking up most of my blogging time, but I’ve become faster at editing and better at filming so I’ve got more free time to blog again. Also, I’ve landed a job. It’s not full time, but it’s a job that I enjoy so that’s enough for me for now.

Just to give a quick update, the last time I posted I had come out as trans and non-binary to friends. Since then, I’ve had mainly positive reactions to being trans. Some people have asked questions, others have simply accepted me for who I am. Both responses have generally been positive. Although it’s frustrating to constantly answer questions, if I feel that the questions come from a good place, I’m usually happy to answer them briefly, or in depth, depending on the person asking.

I took 3 months off from attending the gender identity clinic in Belfast as I was concentrating on getting back on my feet and finding a job. Last week I had my first appointment with my psychiatrist after 3 months off and she told me, despite reassurances that she would refer me for top surgery in August, that I will have to wait until she’s had a meeting with all the therapists at the clinic in September before they decide whether to put me forward for a second opinion (which is necessary for a surgery referral on the NHS in Northern Ireland). Obviously, this is both frustrating and disempowering. I’m currently trying to decide how to approach this, but it’s difficult because I don’t know how she inteprets what I say (as she is a psychiatrist after all). More on this in another post once I figure out what to do.

On a different topic, I’ve met a wonderful person quite recently. It was unexpected, especially as I had quite recently broken up with my ex, but we gel really well and have such a laugh together, so I’m just enjoying being in the moment with them!

I’ve got so much more to say, but I wanted to do a quick catch-up blog post before launching back into writing properly again. I promise weekly blogs from now on!!!

Hasta luego!

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3 Responses to Sorry for my absence!

  1. Vince says:

    Wow! Sounds like things are really on the up. Go you! Bit of a pain about the wait for surgery though.


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