Join the circus

I train with the Belfast Community Circus School, so here’s a blog by someone who came along for the first time!

Becoming Ruler of the Universe (and other plans for 2014)


there has always been something very romantic about the thought of upping sticks and joining the circus. Unbeknown to me until last year, there has been a community circus in Belfast for 30 years. In the last few years , highly successful festival nights such as Cultural Night in September and the Festival of Fools in May have opened up this world of creativity more than ever before.


This was one challenge that was on my list for last year, but never got round to attending. However, this changed last Wednesday when firewalker, michael and I decided to give it a go. Going onto their website revealed that they have loads of classes to suit everyone : kids, experts and the adult classes on Wednesday nights.
Their base is beside the oh Yeah centre in the trendy cathedral quarter. The classes run from 7:30 to 9:30. You are warned, via…

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