International Women’s Day: #yesallwomen

It’s international women’s day so here’s a reblog in solidarity…

An Elizabeth Never Forgets...

Yes all women/wear short shorts

Because of the temperature in the SKY

Not between your thighs

In fact, you didn’t occur to them

Yes all women/choose the length of their hem

For themselves

Yes all women/Have wondered

Yes all women/If the situation

Counts as sexual assault

Or just an overreaction

Because earlier in the evening, didn’t they feel the attraction?

Yes all women/Have felt flattered

and also threatened, but as if that mattered

Because someone finally paid some attention

And the bitch in question dares to mention

Yes all women/ It was unwanted?

Yes all women/ It was a compliment!


Gaslighting may be an American term

But don’t tell me there’s one of you that doesn’t squirm

Yes all women/When you recall

Yes all women/One night that Fall

When you didn’t say yes/Yes all women

But the no that was uttered came out small and timid

Yes all women/And…

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