This is what dysphoria feels like

Excellent description of body dysphoria. Have a read if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like.

a gentleman and a scholar

Because so many people who want to know more about trans rights, and be supportive, don’t really know what dysphoria is, or what it can do.

Because so many people who want to derail or dismiss discussions of trans people and our existence believe that they can ignore it, or somehow explain it away.

Have you ever broken a limb and had it in plaster? And when you went to move it you couldn’t – when your brain told it to function it failed? When you looked down and expected something – preemptively felt it – your eyes contradicted you, the limitations of your embodied self clashed against the self that your brain expected to be there?

That’s how dysphoria has always felt to me.

It was stumbling with shock when my arms brushed against my breasts (and I struggle to write the word my next to breasts because they…

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One Response to This is what dysphoria feels like

  1. misspaula123 says:

    Hi there
    Firstly thanks for reading and following my blog and reblogging the circus post I have been really interested by your blog and the “issues or struggle ” going on in your life at moment. Glad to see that you seem in a really good place at the moment and moving forward. If I can just say my first impression of you was that you were friendly and welcoming to me and michael. You were talented on the silks and you have a lot of people around you that night who clearly care about you
    That’s all I really wanted to say. Paula x


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