New Year, New Traditions!

This New Years Eve of 2014 myself and my partner started a new tradition. We borrowed the idea from our friend who used it at a Winter Solstice party.

On one piece of paper you write down the things from the past year that you want to let go of. You burn this in the fire.

On another piece of paper you write down your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the next year, and sail this down the river in a paper boat.

We both loved this idea and as we missed out on doing this at the Winter Solstice party, we decided to do it on New Years Eve. We altered it slightly, as we don’t have a large river nearby to float our aspirations down. I put my aspirations into an envelope addressed to myself, which I will open on New Years Eve in 2015. My partner burned both his pieces of paper in the fire.

There was something very therapeutic about burning those things that I wanted to let go of for this coming year!

Then today, New Years Day 2015, we started another tradition! We drove an hour to the coast and in the freezing rain and wind, we stripped down to our underpants and t-shirts and ran into the sea! We borrowed this idea from the Polar Bear Swim that takes place in New York. Thousands of people take to the sea for the cause of charity. Although we didn’t do it for charity, we liked the idea, and there are traditions all over the world of washing away the impurities of the previous year in preparation for a fresh start in the New Year. So we immersed ourselves in the icy Irish Sea, looking like total lunatics to people looking on from the car park!

Here I am running back out again after getting right under a wave!

New Years Day Dip!

New Years Day Dip!

After drying off and changing in the car, we had a hot cup of tea while driving back and arrived home for a roast dinner cooked by my Dad, so all in all, this year has got off to a good start!

I don’t want to write down what I burnt in the fire as that’s been burned away! I don’t want to write down all my aspirations either, but I will share one of them. I want to be more positive about life this coming year. I want to find the good things in life and not get so caught up in the negatives. Positivity, that’s my aspiration!

Happy New Year!

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