Comedy at its best: Sue Perkin’s ‘Heading Out’ sitcom

Having read about Sue Perkin’s sitcom Heading Out in Diva magazine’s March issue, I have been meaning to watch it ever since. Last night I watched all six episodes on BBC iPlayer and was completely incapable of stopping myself from laughing out loud. Here’s the link to the series.

This sitcom, written by and starring Sue Perkins, depicts a lesbian vet who, at the age of 40, has still not come out to her parents. The series follows Sara and her friends in the build up to the day of reckoning. Sara is successful at her job but awkward and emotionally restrained in her personal life. The style of comedy is typically British: self-depreciating, witty, full of banter and quirky characters.

I found this show particularly amusing as it plays on stereotypes, as well as showing female characters that are generally underrepresented on television (with the exception of soap dramas). The sitcom was produced by Square Peg TV and broadcast at 10pm on BBC2. Although not a replacement for shows such as Lip Service, is demonstrates that the BBC is making some sort of effort to increase the representation of queer women on BBC television. It’s a step in the right direction anyway!

Here’s the trailer for the show:

Heading Out trailer

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